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Lafayette River Home

Norfolk, VA

Following an intense hurricane, our client decided that renovating their flood-ravaged cottage could not be a long term strategy for happiness or security. Working with GRADE Architects of New York, we developed a site plan that supports the massing and Mediterranean detailing of the new house whose higher finished floor elevation safely withstands storm surges and provides a beautiful vantage point to watch the river.


Careful consideration of circulation allows for easy access between vegetable garden, grill and kitchen while also making an easy trek of carrying a windsurfer to the pier in high (preferred) winds.


Warm hued stone and verdant planting soften the carefully orchestrated outdoor rooms that lead effortlessly from one to the next. Gently swaying in a hammock under a preserved grove of thriving Live Oaks creates the ideal moment to look south across the property and glimpse the Lafayette River as it joins the Elizabeth.

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