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Integrated Science Center Phase 3​

College of William & Mary

The heart of the Integrated Science Center's mission is to foster partnership and collaboration by bringing the sciences together in one complex. The third phase of the Integrated Science Center at the College of William and Mary completes the triangle of buildings set up by the first and second phases. To support the goal of the Center, the landscape architectural focus is on flexible and shared spaces.

Our response creates outdoor rooms with hardscape features that give faculty and students opportunities to interact. The courtyard features stone benches at intervals along a sweeping pathway to the Center entrance as well as native and adaptive plant species that thrive in the shaded conditions created by the adjacent buildings. At the other end of the building, a swirling paving design culminates in a plaza, framed by residential and academic halls. The plaza is anchored by a chalkboard wall and curved seatwalls, inviting students and faculty alike to engage in public discourse. This plaza fits seamlessly into the pattern of outdoor spaces on campus and serves as outdoor classroom, casual meeting space and impromptu theater.

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