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Wayne Creek

Norfolk, VA

Living adjacent to the Lafayette River in Norfolk, Virginia, our clients had long hated the failing concrete bulkhead and erosion along their shoreline. Hoping to avoid the typical rip rap revetment, they turned to us to find an environmentally friendly solution. Using living shoreline strategies, we improved wildlife habitat and protected the property from further erosion.

Where the fetch is greatest, our team installed a marsh sill in place of the failing concrete bulkhead, backfilled with sand and planted with Spartina.  In the area of the greatest erosion, we tied into the neighbor’s rip-rap with a small sill that absorbs the harshest wave energy. Teaming with the Elizabeth River Project, we stabilized the bank by planting native shrubs and perennials, slowly eradicating invasive exotic plant species. In 2016 we teamed with Elizabeth River Project again on a pilot project using oyster castles to mitigate wave action.

Winner of the 2014 Norfolk Environmental Action Award of Excellence in Rivers and Waterways Protection.

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